Dryden Combustion offers

 Boiler Control and Monitoring Systems


Because of our interest in owning and operating energy assets, we are proud to stand at the forefront of innovation and results. Our track record of successfully outsourcing affordable steam to multiple clients proves that we understand and push the boundaries of efficiency and reliability. The purpose of automation is to achieve:

Steam pressure control – Experience a stable steam supply under varying operating load conditions.


Boiler efficiency – Boiler efficiency is primarily driven by control of excess air (air-fuel ratio). Using frequency inverters and electronic fuel trim  control coal usage is reduced. The reduction in usage is typically between 8% and 15% when compared to electro-mechanical or manual control systems.

Boiler preservation – Motors run much slower with gentle startup  and shutdown, reducing  maintenance and increasing economic life expectancy.

Environmental impacts – The mere fact that less coal is burnt and less electricity is used reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Furthermore, proper excess air control minimizes the release of NOx and CO emissions into the atmosphere.

Elimination of Human Intervention – Decision making becomes the function of a programmed steam production process.  Responses to changes in steaming conditions are immediate and consistent. The human factor in boiler operation is reduced significantly.


We highly recommend our advanced monitoring system, tailored around the client’s specific requirements. Apart from display of basic operational data and information, the system also allows for parameter trending, event logging, information analysis and diagnostic assessment of recorded deviations. The system enables dedicated boiler professionals to remotely keep an eye on this critical part of your operation which is important, because even the most automated systems require human interventions and correction from time to time. This will keep the boiler running at the highest efficiency, and may even identify imminent boiler failures. Thus also a very effective Support Tool which keep call out charges to a minimum by enabling engineers to do remote diagnostics in the event support is required.

In conjunction with monthly performance reporting you will have peace of mind that your boiler is operating at peak efficiency.


Some of the performance parameters reported on:

· Steam Pressure

· Combustion Efficiency

· System efficiency

· Feed Water Temperature

· Stack Temperature

· Sootblow tracking

· Steam-to-Coal Ratio

· Boiler Load

· De-ashing tracking

· Oxygen levels

· Coal usage

· Mobreys tested

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